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Books, Articles, and Software by Dr. Wiancek

In her practice, Dr. Wiancek educates individual patients on how to address their health issues and stay healthy through appropriate lifestyle and diet changes and the use of supplements to treat health concerns.  For the community at large, she continues to educate by actively updating her blog, posting on social media, maintaining a newsletter, writng articles, publishing books and the developing software listed below.

The Idiot’s Guide to Natural Remedies

Dr. Deborah Wiancek, naturopathic doctor from the Riverwalk Natural Health Clinic in Edwards is a featured doctor in The Idiot’s Guide to Natural Remedies. The book was published January 2009 and is available at your local book stores and In the book Dr. Wiancek goes over natural remedies used for asthma, bladder infections, ear infections, endometrosis and first aid. She also talks about food allergies.

The Natural Healing Companion: Using Alternative Medicines

What to buy, how to take, and when to combine for best results

Now more than ever, people are turning to nature’s cures for maximum health and well-being. In The Natural Healing Companion, naturopathic doctor Deborah A. Wiancek provides in-depth information about the four major categories of natural therapies- herbs, vitamin and mineral supplements, homeopathy, and Chinese patent formulas- plus an A-to-Z encyclopedia of diseases and conditions with suggested remedies

The Complete Natural Medicine Reference: A Software Health Guide

Look up remedies for over 200 ailments with the easy to use CD-rom. The CD includes four separate databases: botanical medicines, homeopathy, vitamins and supplements, and Chinese patent formulas. Discover the healing power of nature on your computer.

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