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Initial appointments are 1.5 hrs; Return visits are 30-45 mins.
Virtual Appointment

A virtual appointment is not much different than an in-house appointment. Dr. Wiancek can use apps to check your vital signs and is also able to exam skin issues etc. She can order labs anywhere the patient is located. Many patients love telehealth appointments since they do not have to drive and get ready for an appointment. The treatment plan is delivered to your email and supplements are delivered in 2-3 days. There is no difference in cost for the virtual appointment vs an in-office appointment.

In-person Appointment

If scheduling an in-person appointment is more convienient, the visit is conducted at the Riverwalk Natural Health Clinic at 280 Main St. C-105, Edwards, CO 81632 (across the drive from Starbucks). Needed blood draws can be done at the clinic. There is no difference in cost for the virtual appointment vs an in-office appointment.


Dr. Wiancek uses many different lab tests from general health screenings to food allergies, hormonal testing, thyroid, Lyme disease, mold, environmental toxicity, heavy metal testing, nutritional testing, SIBO, parasite, bacteria, viruses, MTHFR, etc. Each patient has a unique set of issues and the labs Dr. Wiancek prescribes are based on those issues. In allopathic medicine patients often get the same general health screening which may or may not pertain to their health condition. With a thorough history, Dr. Wiancek will recommend lab testing that will help her diagnose your health problems.

Intake Forms

Please complete the online intake form prior to your appointment regardles of whether it is virtual or in-person. Click on the appropriate form below.

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Child Intake Form
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