Meet Dr. Wiancek

An image of Dr. Wiancek welcoming patients to the Riverwalk Natural Health Clinic and Natural Pharmacy in Vail, Colorado. Dr. Wiancek has been using telemedicine to see patients all over the world for the past 25 years and has founded and practiced Naturopathic medicine at the clinic for the past twenty four years. Her clients come from all over the world and from all walks of life.
An image of Dr. Deborah Wiancek, a Bastyr University graduate with over 25 years of experience in functional and naturopathic medicine. Dr. Wiancek believes in a personalized approach to healthcare, where every patient is unique and therefore receives a customized treatment plan and lab testing.

Deborah A. Wiancek, N.D.

Dr. Wiancek is an experienced and compassionate primary care doctor, author, and educator, with a specialization in functional and naturopathic medicine. She received her degree from Bastyr University, School of Naturopathic Medicine, and has been in practice for over two decades. Her approach to medicine focuses on getting to the root cause of a patient’s health issue, using the best labs and treatment plans to provide cost-effective and successful care.

Dr. Wiancek is a global practitioner who has been utilizing telemedicine for over 20 years. She founded and practices at the Riverwalk Natural Health Clinic and Natural Pharmacy in Vail, Colorado, where she has successfully treated patients from all over the world and all walks of life. As a primary care doctor, she is able to provide immediate treatment for many symptoms and conditions, such as allergies, anxiety, depression, hormonal issues, pain, and gastrointestinal issues.

Dr. Wiancek’s belief that each patient is unique is reflected in her individualized treatment plans and lab testing. She uses a variety of modalities, including Botanical Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutritional therapy, and Craniosacral therapy to treat patients with a wide range of conditions, including allergies, athletes, anxiety, depression, dermatology, gynecology, immunology, gastrointestinal issues, pain management, and pediatric health care.

Dr. Wiancek is also an author and educator who has contributed to the Idiot’s Guide to Natural Remedies and authored the Natural Healing Companion. She created one of the first CD-ROM’s in natural Medicine called The Complete Natural Reference and has been featured in various publications, including Women’s World, Ski Magazine, Energy Times, Prevention Magazine, Natural Health, United Hemispheres, and Cleansing magazine. She has also written monthly health articles for the Vail Daily.

Dr. Wiancek is committed to the advancement of natural medicine and has trained seven naturopathic residents in her clinic as part of the NERC residency program through Bastyr University. She has also presented various seminars on health topics, including the latest research in breast cancer prevention for the Betty Ford Breast Cancer Association. Dr. Wiancek’s experience and dedication to providing individualized and effective care make her a sought-after practitioner in the field of natural medicine.